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How much will a virtual assistant cost?

Our pricing structure is simple - £25.00 per hour for any type of work we undertake, charged by the minute so you only pay for the time you use. A timesheet is provided each month along with the invoice.

Not quite what you were looking for?

If you would prefer to discuss a different type of pricing package, please email us via our Contact Page for further information or call us for an informal discussion on 07421 371177. We are happy to tailor our service to suit your requirements. 

Our services


Transcription covers a very broad spectrum and whether it is typing a single letter, an invoice, a thesis, a medical report, a company policy manual or the manuscript for a book or play, a prompt and accurate service is always available. 

If you prefer to hand write your notes, reports or quotations, provided they are legible, these can be typed and formatted in a professional template, or to your own preferred template.

Alternatively, if you prefer to dictate your typing requirements on a digital recorder, these can either be emailed to me or downloaded to a secure Dropbox. Depending on the volume, a 24-hour turnaround is readily available at no extra charge and can be returned via an encrypted link. 

Remember, a business proposal or tender that is clearly laid out and well-presented gains a better reception from the reader. Similarly, letters of complaint, legal communications and formal responses are given more credence if they are carefully presented, use good grammar and contain no typographical errors. Make sure your written word provides the impression you desire.

Secretarial and administrative cover

Virtual secretarial or administrative cover can be provided on either a permanent or temporary basis. If your secretary is on annual leave or unwell, not only can your calls be diverted to a dedicated number and answered with your company name, but a variety of office tasks can also be covered.

With access to your diary, appointments can be booked, meetings arranged, invoices prepared and letters sent out. Problem calls can be fielded, apologies or cancellations made, internet research undertaken, flights booked and flowers ordered for those important birthdays and anniversaries.

With a Virtual Assistant, there is no sickness absence or holiday cover to worry about as your VA will always ensure that cover is available and that at all times, your company is represented and cared for in a professional manner.


If you have a requirement for a database, we can create, update and maintain your database and ensure ongoing compliance where necessary. Whether it is only a simple spreadsheet that is required, a log of client calls and responses, a list of prospective contacts for a mailshot, or a database of sub-contractors and tracking of their professional indemnity and governing body registration expiry dates, we can help. We have extensive experience of creating and monitoring databases on Access, Excel and on various bespoke systems.  

Our particular area of expertise is in the private clinical sector and database management is an integral part of this. We are experienced in the onboarding of medical professionals for private health providers, keeping track of their contact details, professional qualifications, professional indemnity expiry dates, registration and expiry with the Information Commissioner’s Office, fees, services available, CPD participation and whether their premises are CQC compliant. This information is kept on the client’s own system.


Any form of business correspondence or material for publication should be clear, concise and free from typographical or grammatical errors. Correct punctuation, good vocabulary and professional formatting creates a good impression and ensures that your message gets across in the way that you intended. 

Whether you have a brochure, content for a website, a report or a formal communication of any type, proof reading is essential to eliminate any errors. It is so easy to miss typos, skip text or not notice that words are missing or used in the wrong context. Sometimes just an incorrectly placed comma can alter the entire meaning of a sentence. Your Virtual Assistant will help you by proofreading your editorial and ensuring the completed document is professional, well-presented and reads well.  

Remember, first impressions count! You may be the best builder, electrician, architect or surveyor in the country, but if your proposals or quotations are badly presented your prospective clients may never take the opportunity to find out.

Meeting agendas and preparation of minutes

A professional and structured meeting agenda creates a good impression, especially when followed up promptly with minutes presented in a clear and accurate format, enabling all relevant parties to establish what actions are required and by whom. We have our own basic tried and tested template for typing minutes, but we are also happy to present them in your own preferred format. 

Your minutes and any necessary actions can be sent in a variety of ways. Digital recordings can either be emailed or sent to a secure Dropbox. Handwritten notes can be posted or scanned and emailed. Alternatively, if you are local to our area, these can be delivered to us by hand.

Call answering

Call answering is a very simple and effective way of retaining business that would otherwise be lost. Whether you are working on a ladder, driving, or in a meeting with a client, answering a call and giving a prospective new client your full attention can be difficult. Interrupting a meeting with one client to accept a call from another is not good practice. By the same token, ignoring a call from a prospective new client and expecting them to leave a voicemail won’t bring in the business, as they will simply call the next person on the list. 

A call answering service is an invaluable way to ensure that a) you don’t miss any potential customer calls and b) a way of fielding out those irritating marketing calls. Messages are taken and then sent to you by email, allowing you the time to contact the caller at a time that is convenient for you. The service provides cover whether you are busy, or enjoying some hard-earned annual leave. Our call answering service is available on either an ongoing or ad hoc basis, providing you with exactly the service you need for the length of time that you need it.


All calls answered at our standard rate of £25.00 per hour. 

This service offers a Virtual Assistant who answers your calls, returns customer calls, arranges meetings, confirms travel accommodation and filters marketing calls.

To discuss your requirements and agree a summary of what is expected from your Virtual Assistant please contact us for further information. We are happy to tailor the service to suit your requirements.